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Tom Pfeiffer

Your Fitness & Nutrition Coach


Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

Certified Strength Coach (NSCA-CSCS)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)

Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1)

Equinox Personal Trainer (160+ Hours of Equinox Institute Training)

I've been lifting weights for over 10 years, I've invested thousands of dollars in my education, and I've read hundreds of books.



  • Fitness consultations

  • Custom training and nutrition plans

  • Online coaching

  • In-person training


Whether it’s postural improvements, injury prevention, habit forming, fat loss, muscle gain, or all of the above – I can help you.


Take the first step and schedule your fitness consultation below. I look forward to connecting with you.

Client Testimonials

"Tom Pfeiffer has been my personal trainer for the past 3 years. I lost 10 pound in the first 3 months by working out with him and following his instructions. With minor changes to my vegetarian diet and making sure I had protein in my diet I was able to lose weight.


Tom's motivation and support has helped me not only lose weight, but also to grow in my professional career, impromptu speaking, as well as deal with tough times. He is now my mentor and a close friend of mine. I highly recommend Tom Pfeiffer as he is certified and knowledgeable. You will get more than what you asked for. Give it a try now."


- Uday B.

"Before starting with Tom, I wasn't as motivated - my workouts would be short and all over the place and I wasn't pushing myself. Also, I wasn't focusing on food at all - now I know how much food I need to actually eat to build any kind of muscle.


After slacking off for a few months I was seeing myself really skinny and I didn't like it. I wanted to get back into a routine, and to try to achieve the physique I've always wanted. Tom has really helped me build a plan that has translated into concrete results. We have created a routine, I've learnt about certain key movements, and I've developed the right mindset when it comes to diet.

If you know you want to work with a fitness professional, definitely go with Tom! Not only is he extremely reliable, passionate, and smart, but he really cares, and this is shown through the plans and follow-ups he does. He also adapts to different situations extremely well, so if you need certain flexibility, Tom is the one. I've been able to see great results and I've enjoyed working with Tom." 


- Antonio C.

"Working out with Tom has been transformational for me! I've been around the block with trainers and diet fads in the past, but Tom helped me reframe how I looked at my fitness goals and helped me see a bigger vision for myself and where I want to be in the future. While most trainers try and get you to become reliant upon them, Tom has helped empower me to feel like I'm in control of my journey and is just there to equip me with the tools, resources, and skills I need to get where I'm going. He's patient, focused, encouraging, and I'm grateful for the impact working with him has had on my life."

- Tim S.

"After doing the same workouts every week, I was in a rut, losing motivation, and not seeing results. Enter Tommy. Coaching with Tommy has held me accountable, and made working out both fun and dynamic. It’s not just better exercise - I’m drinking less, sleeping more, and eating healthier. The results are measurable - I’m faster, leaner, stronger, and happier since I started. If you’re not seeing results from your exercise routine, talk to Tommy."

- Philip T.

"I met Tom in 2019 when I was starting my new lifestyle journey. Tom was super approachable, understanding and helpful when helping me with a new meal plan. Tom is very empathetic so he truly cares about his clients' well-being. If you're looking to start a new lifestyle, a new fitness journey and need help, I highly recommend Tom Pfeiffer!"

- Danielle I.

"I have tried working out with a trainer many times but never stuck with it.  That all changed with Tom.  He made workouts fun, with different games and constant jokes.  Beyond that, I saw and felt the results which just further motivated me.  Tom is the only reason I am still actively working out and enjoying it instead of being a fat lazy stoner."

- David O.

"Have loved working with Tom so far. Not only because I see positive physical results, but also because he's fun to be around and doesn't make fitness boring or too serious. I have gained a ton of confidence from working with him, as well as knowledge about food and nutrition. Sign up for training with Tom, your glutes will thank you."

- Alison B.

Before working with Tom, I had minimal experience in the gym — I've been lean and lanky for many years, never thinking I should build muscle. I got quite bored of running and decided it was time to get fit. From the moment we began working together, Tom was attentive, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. Not only am I much more confident at the gym, but in a mere month of working together, I've seen very noticeable results. Tom's approach is a holistic one, focusing not only on exercises but on diet and lifestyle in general. He pushed me to excel physically, and also ensured I had enough time to recover. If you're looking for guidance, support, and expertise, Tom is your guy. I couldn't recommend him more highly

- Marcelo L.

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