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Fat Loss Tips & Tricks

Summer is almost here! Apply these nutrition tips and you’ll be bathing suit ready in no time!


Drink Water

We get dehydrated in our sleep.

Get into the habit of drinking a lot of water once you wake up to rehydrate your body.

Remember that we need electrolytes to actually absorb the water into our cells.

Here’s my morning water routine:

When I wake up, I chug 16oz of water, then I squeeze ½ lemon into another 16oz of water and drink it before I have my coffee.

Putting extra effort into your water intake will help your body function and you’ll feel better.


Use a Food Scale

Calorie deficit is the most important component of fat loss.

The more consistent we can be, the better.

If you’re eating 4 meals per day, measuring how much rice and protein you eat will ensure you’re on the right track.

When I’m trying to lose fat, I measure my carbohydrates and protein to make sure I’m getting the right amount.

Food scales are super cheap and they can help you stay consistent and motivated during your fat loss period.


Easy Protein Options

The most important nutrient to look and feel your best is protein (read about protein here).

Sometimes it can be difficult to get protein because it’s expensive and requires preparation.

That’s why when I’m in a pinch I drink my protein.

Fairlife milk, liquid egg whites, and protein shakes are an easy way to get tons of protein in a short amount of time.

I get my fairlife milk and liquid egg whites at the supermarket and this is my favorite protein powder. You can see my review of this protein powder here.

The summary is to drink water, consistently measure your food, and drink your protein when busy.

If you’d like help with your nutrition, apply for fitness coaching.

Hope this helps! - Tom


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