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Healthiest Restaurants in Williamsburg

You can work out all you want—if you don’t eat right, you’re not going to see results. But not everyone has time to cook—here are the top six restaurants in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that offer healthier food delivery options when there’s no time to cook.

This is a nice restaurant on Driggs that offers an affordable and fast option as well as some different sides you might not make on your own.

My order: Build your own bowl

  • Base: Mujadara (lentils) & Sweet Potato

  • Protein: Chicken Shawarma

  • Dips: Hummus & Labneh

  • Toppings: Sumac Onion Parsley, Pickled Turnips, Jalapeño, Toum (garlic sauce), Tomatoes, Red Cabbage

  • Sauce: Tahini

Total cost: $13.49


This is a small spot with several healthy options, however, this place also has less healthy options so be careful with your choices and avoid temptation!

My order: Chicken Breast Bowl

  • Grain: Brown Rice

  • Side: Waldorf Salad

  • Sauce: Basil Pesto

Total cost: $16.05


This place has good soups. The portions aren’t very big and I end up ordering more than one soup, so it ends up being a bit expensive. They also have bowls, but I haven’t tried them yet!

My order: Make a soup

  • Broth: Immunity Broth

  • Add-ins: Chicken, Zoodles (noodles from zucchini)

Total cost: $15.62


I haven’t been here in a minute, but they have delicious bowls that I used to eat regularly. The bowl also comes with a small salad that’s delightful. Be careful of the sauces, because they can be quite calorie dense.

My order: Build your own bowl

  • Main: Combo - ½ Chicken thigh & ½ Salmon

  • Rice: White rice

  • Salad dressing: Sesame

  • Sauce: Regular Teriyaki

Total cost: $15.22


This is a fast and delicious option. I used to pick-up from here quite regularly, although I haven’t in some time.

My order: Build your own bowl

  • Base: Farro

  • Sides: Sweet potato & Broccoli

  • Protein: Chicken thigh

Total cost: $16.08


This is the newest restaurant in the area and it appears to be very well-run. I’ve only eaten here once but I plan to go again if needed.

My order: Build your own bowl

  • Base: Brown rice & Super greens

  • Dips: Tzatziki, Red pepper hummus, Roasted eggplant

  • Main: Braised lamb

  • Toppings: Corn, Pickled onions, Tomato + Cucumber, Tomato + Onion, Lentils

  • Dressing: Tahini

Total cost: $17.56


These are the restaurants I order from when I don’t have time. However, you don’t know what they put in the food and most restaurants make food more delicious by adding oil, salt, and sugar. The best option is to cook your food yourself, but here are options when you need it!

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Hope this helps! - Tom


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