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How to Breathe

Proper breathing is primarily driven by your diaphragm muscle that connects from your lower spine to the base of your ribs. Each deep breath we take acts like a pump that transports nutrients around the body and directly affects your nervous system and muscle activity.

To practice proper breathing, find a comfortable position with your spine aligned, place your hands on your lower ribs, and inhale deeply through your nose to expand your torso out 360 degrees. Inhale as much as possible, then simply allow your body to relax and exhale without effort.

Breathing through your nose helps to engage your diaphragm, but if nasal breathing is difficult because your nose is clogged, close your nostrils with your fingers and hold your breath for 5-10 seconds, then breathe. Repeat this process until your nose clears. Some people will benefit from using nasal strips that assist with opening up the nasal passage.

To train your breathing muscles I recommend taking 30 deep breaths 1-2 times per day. The o2 trainer by Bas Rutten is a great tool to help you understand and connect with your breathing muscles.

Everything starts with the breath! - Tom


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