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My Favorite Products

Here are the products I use and recommend:


Jocko Molk is my current favorite protein powder.

Orgain Protein Powder plant-based protein powders.

BCAAs are what I use now, without absurd ingredients!

Creatine I like this brand because it doesn't have any other unnecessary ingredients!

Beta Alanine with only one ingredient, so it doesn't get better than that!

A Zinc and Magnesium supplement is very important for health and fitness. I've been taking this one for years now.


Fitness Equipment

Slant Board - If you have tight calves, this is a must-have!

Booty Bands - these last for years and they're by far the best I've found!

Exercise Resistance Bands - these are great for pull-up assistance or for any banded exercises

Stability Cushion - this is great as a knee cushion or to improve balance.

50lb Dumbbells - I use these for my clients in the park and they're great! Comfortable and easily adjusted.

Cart to carry fitness equipment - This is the cart I carry my dumbbells in!

Weight Lifting Grips - These are simple pieces of rubber but they work great to protect your hands from callouses and to strengthen your grip while weight lifting. They are also very affordable.

Olympic Rings - The only piece of equipment you need to build an impressive physique. I would choose these over anything every time.

TRX - I believe this is the best TRX option because it's strong and lasts many years. It works with any door or anything you can loop around.

Yoga Mat - I'm a big guy and I like a big mat! This yoga mat is plenty big and very comfortable!

Weight belt - this is my weight lifting belt that I use and I really like it how strong it is.

Ab Straps - My favorite ab exercise is hanging leg raises and these are the ab straps I use when I do them.

Foam Roller - this is my favorite foam roller for every day use.

Collapsible Foam Roller - this is what I use when I'm traveling because it collapses flat so it's easy to pack.


Other Useful Items

Journal - I write every day and I like these journals because they are larger and don't waste space with weird formatting. I've tried a few dozen different journals and this is my favorite I'm currently using for daily writing.

Ear Plugs - I never realized how my sensitive hearing was negatively affecting my sleep until I got these! I've tried half a dozen earplugs and these are by far the best. I wear them every night and they are comfortable.

Mouth Tape - this is the tape I use to tape my mouth shut when sleeping. If you don't know about mouth taping for nasal breathing, check out this youtube video to learn more.

Iphone Tripod - this is the tripod I've used for years now and I like it!

Rice cooker - I ordered this rice cooker in 2019 and it still works perfectly!

Coffee Machine - I've used this coffee machine for a few years now and it works great!

Pillow - this is my favorite, and although it's more expensive I believe it's worth it. My favorite part of this pillow is the curve because I can use it for back or side sleeping with no problems. I used to need two pillow for side sleeping, but with this I only need one!


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