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Take Out the Garbage

The women in my family like to complain; it’s our culture.

“Do this. Do that.”

“Why don’t you go over there?”

“Why can’t you be like this?”

I was just trying to relax but they wouldn’t leave me alone.

Out of desperation I say, “Why do they have to be so annoying? No matter what I do they complain, it’s not fair!”

My Uncle Greg smirks and says, “Tom, that’s just what they do. Don’t stress.”

That’s the lesson.

Stop stressing about things you can’t control.

Stop complaining that life is unfair.

Accept the way life is and choose how to act given your circumstances.

99% of the time when someone annoys you, you’re better off smiling and laughing.

Don't worry about the little things.

You can't change the circumstances.

Life isn’t fair.

Is there something that needs to be done? Can you do it? Then do it.

Disciplined action builds character.

When you’re asked to take out the garbage, do it with a smile and life will be better.

Hope this helps! - Tom


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